Devdas: Hindi Film Preview

A boy trapped in a man’s body, undying devotion for his true love, recklessness – these are not only the attributes which define Devdas but the primary cause for his path to self-destruction. Devdas is the ultimate love story, which transcends everything … even life itself.
Paro and Devdas are childhood friends. They watch as their love begins to grow and then put to the test when they are separated, as Devdas is sent to England. Paro’s devotion is characterized by the diya she keeps lit throughout the ten years he is away.

Devdas returns a handsome lawyer. Paro becomes enamored with him; in turn he becomes captivated by her beauty. Friendship soon flourishes into true affection and a longing to be together forever.

In an unfortunate series of events, the two realize that their dream will never become a reality. Devdas’ father denounces their marriage proposal, provoking Devdas to storm out of the house and ride off in a rage without his beloved. Devdas sends Paro a letter of forgiveness and a plea for her to forget him. This tragic mistake costs him dearly. The consequences of his rash decision transpire and when he returns to her, it is to late.

Devdas’ world becomes a vortex, when he loses Paro to another, someone much older who keeps her bound to a marriage of chastity. The sheer intensity of his love, which consumes every pore of his being, becomes filled with intoxicating liquor. Regardless of how much he drinks, it will not permit him to forget her, nor does the true love given to him by the beautiful courtesan Chandramukhi, who loses her heart to him at first sight. Devdas, although despising her love, is ultimately drawn to her company. He shares his disquieting thoughts with her in a desire to escape the haunting memories. Chandramukhi’s love manifests itself in the form of worship. She sees Devdas everywhere – in the flame of the lamp, within the folds of the covers, even in his half empty chalice of wine. Sadly and ironically, seeing Chandramukhi only adds to his remembrance of Paro.

Merely existing, Devdas is reminded of his promise to visit Paro before he dies and sacrifices all he has gained, but not before revealing his love for Chandramukhi. She makes a request to accompany him but he refuses, saying that he cannot bear to see his death mirrored in her eyes. His journey begins and the peace he so desires finally blankets him, in the form of eternal sleep at the very moment he gazes upon Paro’s face from afar.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay’s time-honored saga has been left open to interpretation and scope of imagination, with three different versions having been made; {1935, K L Saigal (P C Barua), 1955, Dilip Kumar (Bimal Roy), 2002, Shah Rukh Khan (Sanjay Leela Bhansali)} all worthy of the praise and accolades, which they have received. Anyone watching this film will be enthralled. It is a film you’ll watch over and over again.