Pitch Black the Sci-fi Movie of 2000: An Overall Review

Van Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Keith David

Directed by Daviid Twohy


After crashing on a planet due to a meteor storm, the crew on board salvage what they can on a desolate planet, barren without life or hope. Collecting what passengers they can, the crew is finally introduced to a bounded Riddick, a savage criminal that has the basic instincts of an animal. Riddick, (played by Van Diesel), is not only feared, but his name is only whispered with him nearby. Riddick soon escapes.

Deciding to look for water, the crew decides to inspect the unknown territory. Realizing that everything that lived there is now skeletoral, their curiosity confronts with the realization that the land is truely dead. As they approach a deserted village, they come across a space shuttle that could get them home. They soon also learn that who ever lived there was very interested on when the suns came up, and when they came down. As one of the crew members ends up dead, the crew finally runs into Riddick. upon his capture, they realize that riddick has a talent; he can see in the dark. With the help of a surgical doctor in prison, riddick had his eyes “surgical shined”, which also puts him at a disadvantage; the light hurts his eyes. Later, during the movie, this “talent” becomes an important asset. The crew doesn’t know whether to believe his story about his involvement with one of the crew’s death. The crew, often fighting each other, sees death and destruction all around and come to the conclusion that the solar-powered space ship is their only means of survival. Waiting on the solar panels to build up power, they soon realize that they are not the only one’s stranded on the Island, and as the suns start to set, their main captor, Riddick, is their only means of survival. As mistakes are made, so are the numbers of fatalities associated with the creatures of the night.


PITCH BLACK has became one of the most inspiring Sci-Fi movies of the 21st century, and of Van Diesel’s career. His tougher-than-nails approach to this character is a great add-on to his quick-witted approach to the situations the night-seeing monsters bring on. Often repeating the words,”It’s not me you have to worry about”, the audience learns early into this movie that riddick is actually the good/bad guy, instead of just another criminal. The special effects are minimal, often leaving your imagination to do the work on what is clearly happening most of the time.

With the movie based entirely on what creeps during the night, often you can only imagine the horror on what is actually going on, (which sometimes is good). Frye, (who always incinuates that she is not the captain), makes for nearly half this movie, pulling her weight into the plot. she has more lines than Van diesel himself, and brings justice as well as answers to alot of unanswered questions. Cole Hauser, on the other hand, fell short, although his bad-guy role did pull off the role of bad guy. Keith David, portraying a peaceful man, outperformed everyone when it came to settling confrontations peacefully. his low-tone voice often settled down the movies “too-fast” approach to action and suspence.

Although PITCH BLACK is a great movie to see for those of you who are Van diesel fans, or better yet, a movie-for-guys-who-like movies, this movie isn’t recommended for pre-teens and younger. Violence and gore often prelude this sad story, that just barely fits into a happy ending.

I rate this movie 7 out of ten stars.