Ugly Betty and The Best New Television Shows on ABC

Television has become an even more incredible source of entertainment. While the 2006/2007 viewing season is underway, there are many new television shows that are standing out as the best new shows from 2006. However, it is the ABC network that has brought us the most of the best new television shows of 2006. You can find all that tv-shows on 123 Movies new site.

Ugly Betty on ABC Thursday night at 8

Ugly Betty is the surprise of the season. America Ferrera stars as Betty, a not so beautiful girl trying to make her way into the fashion industry. Betty will fight through this brutal industry and touch the lives and hearts of many rather than be forced to change herself. This television show is heartwarming and hilarious. Not to mention, Vanessa Williams also appears on Ugly Betty and does a fantastic job of being the “fashion bitch.” Ugly Betty is heartwarming and is sure to be welcomed into the Thursday night lineup.

The NINE on ABC Wednesday night at 10

The NINE is an amazing drama about nine people locked in a bank as two brothers attempt to carry out a robbery. They spend fifty-two hours inside the bank. The NINE revolves around what happened in the bank and how it is affecting the lives of everyone afterwards. The fifty-two hour ordeal is unraveled little by little each week. An all-star cast includes Scott Wolf, Tim Daly, Camille Guaty, and Kim Raver among many others. The NINE is proving to be one of the best new television shows of 2006.

Six Degrees on ABC Thursday night at 10

Six Degrees is a television show that revolves around six strangers whose lives are interconnected even though they may not know it. Each character has his or her own story and each individual story keeps the viewer interested. The cast includes Erika Christensen, Hope Davis, Jay Hernandez, Dorian Missick, Bridget Moynahan, and Campbell Scott. This incredible cast, combined with the storyline, has produced a television show that is one of the best new television shows of 2006.

Men In Trees on ABC Friday night at 9

Men In Trees is a new drama starring Anne Heche as Marin First, a famed relationship writer who has recently broken up with her fiancГ©e. Needing a break, Marin travels to the small town of Elmo, Alaska to write her newest book. Elmo is a very small town with very few women. Marin becomes the local celebrity, and works on figuring out love from an entirely different perspective. Men In Trees is witty and the characters are loveable. While this show is probably not award winning, it is certainly entertaining. Men In Trees is one of the best new television shows of 2006.

Brothers & Sisters on ABC Sunday night at 10

Brothers & Sisters is a great new drama about the dysfunctional life of family. The all-star cast includes Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, Ron Rifkin, and Balthazar Getty among other very talented actors and actresses. There is so much conflict among the family, but through it all they remain tight and love each other very much. Brothers amp; Sisters brings a real life feel to family life while keeping the storyline appealing. Brothers amp; Sisters has thus far been one of the best new television shows of 2006.